At our winery, we believe it is impossible to separate the process of growing grapes from the process of making wine – it is ultimately a seamless continuum. As our winegrower is also our winemaker, each decision made in our vineyard is intricately connected to each made in our cellar. Overseeing 30 acres – not 300, not 3,000 – affords us an intimate relationship with each vineyard block and the ability to respond and refine at every level.

Individual vineyard blocks are dedicated to specially-selected clones, allowing our vineyard team to farm each vine according to its particular needs and cultivate each cluster according to its full potential as realized in our distinctive growing environment. By cross-referencing terroir and clone character, we are able to produce a vibrant, multifaceted spectrum of single-vineyard fruit. With such an expressive palette to work with, we can choose to blend particular clones to achieve a wine of total wholeness and harmony. Or we may find a single clone expression to be so extraordinary that we bottle it as an unforgettable solo presentation.

The vineyard is regarded as a perpetually evolving system and we refine the management of each block daily. We understand the truly world-class character of the site and never stop pushing to improve the quality of each cluster. The vineyard team meticulously controls vine vigor, canopy growth and berry evolution – with average yields limited to just three pounds per vine. We remain in constant dialogue with nature to ensure the overall balance of the vineyard. The health of the soil, water sources, cover crop, wildlife, insect population and surrounding forest life are continuously observed and maintained.