Bibiana González Rave

Consulting Winemaker

The adventurous spirit and inexorable passion of consulting winemaker Bibiana González Rave are evident in both her past pursuit to learn winemaking and her ongoing quest to perfect it. Studying and working in the vineyards and cellars of Burgundy, Côte-Rôtie, Bordeaux, Alsace and Cognac, she earned a Technician of Viticulture and Oenology diploma in Angoulême, followed by a Diploma of Oenology with honors from the University of Bordeaux. Her academic and field work awarded her an extraordinary opportunity at Château Haut-Brion where she gained a palpable understanding of winemaker as artist: “I used to think that by learning the most minuscule details about winemaking, I would create amazing wines. I came to understand that it is much more: the experience, the vineyards, the place and who you are as a winemaker… this is what gives wine its soul.”

Her appetite to learn winemaking styles in regions around the world led her to harvests in California and South Africa. Still, she found that the fundamental approach to viticulture in France resonated truest for her, especially the Burgundian method where vineyards tend to be quite small and are ardently managed by a single winegrower. Bibiana gained 14 years of insight and experience working in several esteemed California wineries before becoming winemaker at Lynmar Estate in 2009 where she oversaw the entire winegrowing and winemaking process.

Recognizing Bibiana’s fiery dedication and talent, Jayson Pahlmeyer invited her to join the Pahlmeyer team as consulting winemaker in 2012 to grow and make Wayfarer Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Bibiana immediately fell in love with the vineyard’s outstanding characteristics, dynamic block composition and manageable size which was reminiscent of Burgundy. Bibiana now knows each vineyard block intimately and attends to them obsessively. “With preparation and understanding, you know how to respond to each block,” she explains. “It goes beyond data and details, there is a feeling – a relationship a winemaker develops with the vineyard that produces the magical result of exceptional wines.”

Cleo Pahlmeyer


Inheriting her father’s vision and verve, Cleo Pahlmeyer is the new generation of Pahlmeyer and Wayfarer.

Raised in Napa, her education took her east where she received her BA in Art History from the University of Virginia and went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Connoisseurship of Fine and Decorative Art at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London.

Returning to the family winery after working in the international art world, Cleo has worked closely with her father since 2008 to learn every aspect of the family business. Jayson explains, “One of my proudest moments as a vintner and father was when my very talented daughter came to me and said, ‘When it comes to the future of Pahlmeyer, I am all in!’”

When it came time to realize Wayfarer’s own label, it was obvious who would bring the energy and expertise needed. 

Cleo Pahlmeyer has taken on Wayfarer as her own - sharing the passion, introducing the wines and telling the story. “I must be my father’s daughter,” she explains, “because like him, I have naturally gravitated to Pinot Noir. Wayfarer is a very special place for me personally. It has a soul that can only be felt by breathing in its air, walking on its soil, feeling its warmth. Now, we can begin to share this extraordinary vineyard through our Wayfarer wines. It is a very exciting time.”

Jayson Pahlmeyer


Jayson Pahlmeyer crafted his first wine in 1986. His aim was to achieve a “California Mouton,” and straight-from-the-source clones were – in his mind – a necessary component. Working with viticulture professors at the University of Bordeaux over the course of three years, Jayson obtained vine cuttings of the most ideal Bordeaux varieties to produce the greatest intensity of flavor and complexity of character. The prize vine cuttings were smuggled into California and planted in 1981. Several years later, Jayson wowed the wine world with his debut vintage of Pahlmeyer Proprietary Red. In 1993, Jayson recruited the great Helen Turley to make his consistently award-winning wines.

Vintage after vintage, Pahlmeyer continues to live up to Jayson’s audacious dream – producing phenomenal wines of power and finesse. Along the way, Jayson fell head-over-heels in love with Pinot Noir. “Every oenophile eventually gravitates to the wines of Burgundy,” he confesses. Read More>

Helen Turley discovered Wayfarer for sale in 1998, then an organic farm on the remote Sonoma Coast. When she brought Jayson to the secluded property, he instantly sensed it had all the essential elements to produce world-class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and claimed the land as his own.

Jayson recruited David Abreu to plant Wayfarer, which he completed in 2002, and in 2005, Jayson started blending Wayfarer Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with fruit from Russian River vineyards and bottling it under the Pahlmeyer moniker. By 2012, the vineyard’s exceptional fruit presented an irrefutable case for a namesake label. Working closely with his daughter Cleo, Jayson is thrilled to see his vision for this remarkable vineyard become a reality